50 60 70+ project

“I HATE photographs of myself”

As a photographer, I’ve heard that way too many times.

Women are doing incredible things with their lives, mentoring, teaching, leading companies, raising the next generation…and they don’t have one photograph of themselves that they love.

I’m about to turn 60 in April of this year and have dedicated this year to creating 60 portraits of women who are over 50.

Prior to each portrait session, I have a consultation with the client. I want to know what makes them unique, what are their challenges, when was the last time they had a photo taken of themselves. So many women just haven’t made the time for themselves. Many consider a portrait session self-indulgent.

As this project is underway, I’ve noticed the incredible women who have reached out to me and have sat in front of me with my camera. Their stories are full of strength, resilience and love. There are women who are actively helping other women move forward. Women who are redefining their own lives, women who appreciate the artist’s perspective of this project. It’s a pretty incredible group and they’re sharing beautiful energy. (I’ve had many younger women contact me saying “I ‘wish’ I was 50”)!

As I continue this project, I’ll be posting images and their stories. Their collective strength will surprise you.

WendyAndrewsStudio 506070+ project


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