The Artist

Version 2

My portraits are about you. It starts with a conversation. About you. 

People who know me, know I love to tell stories. My stories are often filled with details–pieces to describe how strong someone is, how determined or brave they are…how beautiful I think they are. I see undeniable beauty in a person’s strength.

I feel honored when a person allows me to create their portrait and to tell their story in portraits. I  cherish their trust in me, in my eye, in my hands, giving me creative freedom to peek into their world.

I’ve made a portrait with a woman who had never seen herself as beautiful, then at age 48, looked at one image behind the camera during our session and cried real tears as she saw someone she recognized, and saw that woman as beautiful. She will be beautiful forever as that image hangs on her wall.

I’ve photographed a woman who found love again after her partner died in her arms. Precious new love, forever documented in photographs.

I’ve been invited to make the last images of a client as she lay in her hospice bed. Portraits her children adore to this day.

I’ve been honored to create portraits of high school seniors, filled with nothing but promise ahead. Those images cherished by parents & grandparents as their child grows into their adult life.

I’ve had the privilege to celebrate and photograph five beautiful sisters who have helped each other overcome challenges life has thrown their way. They laughed, they hugged, they have lasting memories of that day we shared.

Reach out today. We’ll have a conversation.
We’ll create authentic images for you. You will feel your confidence. You will see how beautiful you are.


Where have you seen me?