As each photo session unfolds, there are  often several memorable moments. A moment might be memorable to me when I see that instant where a client relaxes their tension and opens their soul and trusts me with it. I’m completely grateful for their trust. I can see it through my camera. Sometimes I get emotional after I’ve seen & taken the shot, where I have to turn away to preserve the rest of the session! (Can’t let clients get all weepy!)

I can look at the images afterward and I know exactly when it happened. I may get a handful of those & they’re always my client’s favorites. 

A memorable moment with this sister’s session touched me when, as I was setting up one woman in her first pose, she shouted “mom’s ring!”, and the other pried it from her right hand and handed it over. They alternated wearing their mother’s wedding ring during the session, channeling their mom’s energy, reinforcing the sister-bond even more strongly. 

The memorable moments? During their Portrait Reveal, tears filled their eyes as they saw those moments of themselves. As independent, strong, beautiful women and as sisters with an incredible connection and love. That love will now exist in photographs for all time. 

I am honored to be trusted to share those moments. Thank you.