Team Phoenix

Wendy Andrews Photography

Hi Team Phoenix!

You are a masterpiece of nature and deserve to be a work of art, hanging in the most important galleries for the world to see.

I’m working on a personal photography project and I would love to make your portrait. As a 2017 Athlete and a 2018 Angel, I was amazed by my teammates who signed up to train for 14 weeks (with incredible coaches led by Coach Lauren pictured above) and to complete in a Triathlon. A crazy goal for most of us.

I’m fascinated by your courage, determination and strength to take on that challenge.

Although cancer and Team Phoenix are the thread that brought us together, this project is not a “cancer project”. I’m more interested in your strength. In strength, I see beauty.

I’m looking for Athletes from all Team Phoenix years, all shapes, ages, body types who would allow me to create an authentic portrait with them, and share their story. The images will be displayed in a Gallery Exhibit and printed in a book.

Please contact me either on the form below, or email me (Info is on the TP facebook page and also in an email from Ilka).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you-