Afternoon on a Beach

This client. This day. This moment.

‘I do want to and will post more photos that will tell my story but in the meantime I just want to say I am still reeling from the incredible photoshoot with Wendy! One where Wendy’s artistry, warmth and vision allowed me to be open, trusting, which formed a silent collaboration that naturally freed myself to let go! This is the start of my new journey. to be able to share my story: an exploration to find inner strength, love, beauty, freedom and yes sexiness!’

Go BIG or Go home…?

Not necessarily….

I don’t think I’ve ever showed up to a photo session without a conversation. I want to know your ‘why’. I want to know where you are…in life, on your path, on your journey. It helps me to understand you and how we’ll create your art together.

Can I help you get un-stuck?

Can I help you celebrate?

Can I help you preserve this moment in your life?

She wanted to feel open & free (no ‘leaning on a tree’ poses). She wanted serene images and confided that she’s afraid. She’s never seen herself as sexy, and would love to feel sexy.

She opened herself up to being vulnerable and trusting.

It would be easy to Go BIG with the Celebrate! image.

Cheryl made a more intimate selection and told her own story. Pensive/Surrender/Celebrate!

She will be reminded every day when she passes her images hanging in her home that she IS.

She IS enough, she IS confident, fearless, able to take flight and I will add, she IS sexy.

I honestly love what I do.

Hair & Makeup Artist: Carissa Lenvens/Long Island

Hanging in the client’s home

I’m ready to travel to you. To create beautiful art for your own walls.

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