Reach: Marin Society of Artists juried selection in : ALL ABOUT WOMEN 2022

My pictures tell of my freedom of soul, of my emancipation from fear.


A few years ago I found the work of photographer #annebrigman Her work from around 1913 was considered visionary.

“Her figures are not limp or passive observers of nature, but rather participants in nature—they are active, strong, vigorous, engaged, and interconnected with their surroundings.”

Her photographs & words are beautiful.

When I scout a location for a client’s portrait session, I’m mindful of the story each client wants to tell.

This client saw my work, looked me in the eyes and said ‘I want to do an outdoor nude session & you’re the one to do it’. She’s a Forester 🌲

After she saw her images and completed her order, I shared some of Anne Brigman’s work with her. It was an honor for both of us.

August 2022:

Reach has been invited into the Marin Society of Artists’ ALL ABOUT WOMEN 2022 juried exhibit.