Notes on the napkin

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
~Audrey Hepburn

I didn’t understand the depth of a mother’s role until I became one.

I didn’t understand the enormity of the weight of being a mother until I had to make hard decisions.

I didn’t realize I had such power to influence someone else’s life until my kids were a little older and started making decisions on their own, using their own skills & common sense. When I saw how they were kind to the under-dog kid in their class, how they shared their gum, how they cared for small animals how they showed respect for their neighbors, I realized this job is hard!

There’s no owner’s manual for this. Fortunately, I picked up a few of the mother instincts because when I grew up, my mother was there. She made the cupcakes. She made sure we were together for dinner. She wrote notes on the napkin in my lunch bag (that I was embarrassed to take out at lunch for fear of being teased.) I’m sure my kids felt the same way with their napkin notes. It was a little gesture that made me think of my mom in the middle of the day – and now I know, she was thinking about me.

I’d like to pack lunch now for my teenage kids – just to include a note on their napkin. So they’d know I’m thinking about them, wishing that they’re laughing really hard with their friends.

I’d like to unpack my own lunch and have a note from my mom on the napkin. I’d wish my mom would remember me. Perhaps remember that I’m her daughter and that I baked cupcakes, that my kids are good & respect their neighbors, they share, and take care of small animals. They laugh really hard with their friends.

What I didn’t know and could not possibly have known until I became a mother, is that the job description gradually shifts. The enormous weight gradually shifts to joy. Joy in watching my two kids develop into really interesting, fun, creative & enjoyable human beings. I couldn’t have realized that my heart would be full of pride so often, that I could smile so hard because they are happy. I feel hope for the world because they are making good choices, baking their own cakes & moving onto larger animals!

I’m beginning to understand the depth of a mother’s role.
It is endless.
It changes how you love.
It never fades.

Mother’s Day~
Honoring those who share their love, cupcakes & notes on the napkins~