trees + tulle = bliss


Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.
~K W Baker

Finally, a beautiful morning!
The long winter seemed to be over.

For several years, I’ve run on the path near these woods. Yes, for exercise (to feel the weight of fresh air fill my lungs, and the leaves and pine provide a soft cushion) and a need to connect with nature. I come alive when I am surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes, trails (birds? only from a distance).

These tall pines, planted in perfect rows intrigue me. I like the patterns and lines they create. I’ve envisioned a photo session here many times.

It was a little out of my comfort zone to bring a few miles of tulle into the woods and set up the photos I took that beautiful morning. I’ve been inspired and was motivated to try something different.

As the light softly filtered through the highest branches of the pine trees and gently touched my model, I began to fall in love. My heart pounded (in a good way), not a “gasping for air on a long run” kind of pounding, but a much more intimate feeling that I was connected – with the images appearing in my lens, with the fresh morning air and with the beautiful woman, wrapped in tulle that day in the woods. I was alive and happy. I was present.

Later that day I opened my trunk to get my yoga mat when the breeze blew a big cloud of tulle from my trunk. I entered yoga that evening laughing, happy, present.