Unique Perfection

I just can’t stop!

Looking back, It might be the way the early morning sun made the petals come alive that had me running for my camera. Maybe it was the afternoon shade that made me look again, closer.

I wanted to climb each layer of the pink peony petals and dive into the center of the white peony and swim. It looked like it might be whipped cream lightness (the way I think jumping onto the tops of the clouds from an airplane would be). (I’m the only person who thinks that might be fun…?)

When I see a blossom so beautiful in nature, I just can’t stop myself from shooting endlessly. The ones with imperfect petals stand proud of their uniqueness. They’re my favorite. Perhaps if I can hold it still for a moment, it could last forever.

Nature. Perfect. Gorgeous.

One thought on “Unique Perfection

  1. We can hold it still and make it last forever by the magic of photography and you do it so gently and beautifully. You capture so many of my feelings in words and photos. I will send you back some of my photo efforts and I know you will see the “family” resemblance that I am enjoying so much.

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