I heard she thought she wasn’t pretty
I heard she thought she didn’t fit in
She thought she was different.


We went to the woods
We breathed the air
Supported by the earth under our feet

We laughed
We created


She is beautiful
She is unique
She is strong

The experience

The photographs

I showed her how perfect she is
She celebrates


2 thoughts on “bespoke

  1. I see through your lens the way cameras can make love to people – they can freeze a magic moment when the photographer allows the camera to see into your soul and shares this beautiful instant with the world – so the subject and the world can see and savior the beautiful truth that can sometimes be hidden in the rush of our lives.

    • Thank you for sharing such beautiful emotions. I look for beauty – I always see it. It is rewarding when I show someone a photograph from our creative session and they finally see their own beauty. From that comes strength.

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