life. up & down

First thing this morning

20140620-113535-41735766.jpgbefore I opened my eyes I sent some energy into the universe.
I hoped that the transition would be easy. That she would make friends.
That she would be happy.
A beautiful woman has a new beginning today. No, she’s not starting kindergarten, going off to college or starting a new job. My mother is being transitioned to the memory care area at her assisted living facility.

It’s kind of a funny day for me. My son is beginning a new chapter today also.
He is starting a new job and has the entire world in the palm of his hand.

I find myself at a small town park. It’s the same place my mom & dad would bring my kids when we visited their cottage on the lake. They would picnic on the grass, watch the ferry load & unload cars and passengers then wave to the passengers as the ferry left the dock every 30 minutes.

My mom pushed the swings, cushioned the landing at the end of the hot plastic slide that baked in the sunshine and enjoyed the energy that was created. My kids loved to spend time on the see-saw. Up & down- trying to regulate the distance of their seat against their ever changing body weight.
Seems life is all about balancing and shifting your energy. Sometimes you’re down. Hopefully most times, you’re up.