still water


2 thoughts on “still water

  1. I am so moved by this particular picture, so many different feelings come up for me, I have to admit my eyes welled up with tears when I fist saw it. You bring everything about the person and the environment into the picture you take, it’s quite amazing. There is a profound sense of serenity and quietude about this photo that feels almost meditative. I can look at it for hours. I feel like I am there and all my senses are heightened by this one picture of Pam. I can feel the lake, I can smell the Adirondacks, I can almost touch the air around her. You have an innate sense of when and how to capture a moment. I am completely moved by this picture. I had to say it again

    • Thanks Jen!
      It’s so easy to find magic in nature. A beautiful woman makes it complete.
      Thank you for such nice compliments!

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