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“One thing I know for sure is that life goes better when you’re ‘you’.


One of my High School Senior Photo Experiences this Fall was this young woman who smiles all. the. time. She is bubbly, friendly, smart, fun, and willing to be silly for the sake of a photo op!


During my consultation prior to the High School photo session, I spend time with the senior, often IN her closet, checking out her favorite outfits, dresses, jackets and shoes(!) I look at the way she decorates her room. When there’s an airplane suspended from the ceiling, I have to ask…she told me she had just completed her first session – flying a plane and is applying to colleges to major in “flight”.  My creative mind started working immediately!

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My High School Photo Experience includes a yearbook portrait, showing the student’s personality via her connection to my camera. I love when the parents tell me “you nailed it-THAT’s her”. I also create a Wall Art piece with the student – something to hang on the wall to remember this incredible time in their life. I knew what the theme of her art piece was going to be: flight!


Part of this young woman’s magic is how relaxed she is in her own skin. She isn’t trying to impress anyone – she is just being herself.

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She is herself.
And, she is beautiful!


4 thoughts on “be you

  1. I just stumbled across this. Wendy! I love it! Will share with Gracie when she gets up. What an incredible experience this has been!!! THANK YOU! ❤️

    • Kristina-
      So happy you & Gracie enjoyed the Senior Photo Experience!
      The only thing that might have improved that photo session/day would have been 15 degrees warmer temperatures!
      Thank you!

    • Jeanne
      Would love to make David’s portraits! We can add a family session too. (Also, sisters…!). Summer 2016?
      Hope you’re all doing well!

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