Summer Moments

A short video of summer in the Adirondack Mountains~

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Summer Moments.


love on the lake

I just fell in love in one hour~

If you had the chance to combine 3 things that you absolutely love into one hour, what would it look like?

a summer morning
paddle board on the lake

I couldn’t wait to try yoga on a paddle board. I arrived excited, nervous & alive, drawn to the idea of something new, a physical challenge and the beauty of an outdoor yoga practice. The security of the bamboo floor holding my mat steady was a mile down the road in the studio.

Paddling out onto the lake helped me relax and breathe a little…So far, had mastered getting onto the board, standing and the basics of locomotion. I was awake!

The small group gathered and I began to notice how beautiful the day was-clouds holding the sun back made the far shore light up. The breeze was (thankfully) gentle and calm.

Yoga allows me to dig in to my confidence even if I fall out of a pose, which I do enough. Sometimes I’m not content in just being there, instead I try to reach a little further into my strength or flexibility or balance. The amazing part of yoga on a paddle board in a lake with a breeze blowing, is that each movement had me reaching further. Digging a little deeper.

The boards touched, “kissed” is how our SUP yogi described it. We drifted and paddled back into the lake. Down dog supplied one of my favorite views – reversed perspective of lake and clouds. Warrior felt strong, plank-solid. Tree pose, a standing, single leg balance posture gave me a challenge for my next class.

Yoga, breezes, drifting, paddling…and then headstand. What?
Headstand on a paddle board, in the lake on a beautiful summer morning!

Nothing more amazing than coming out of relaxation in a bouquet of Lilly pads.

In love…