the invitation

“The beauty of a woman isn’t in the clothes she wears;
the figure that she has or the way she styles her hair.
The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes
because the eyes are the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.

The true beauty in a woman is reflected by her soul.
It’s the way she cares
and the passion she exudes.
The beauty of a woman
only grows throughout her life”

This photo session was wonderful!

This woman is fun, gorgeous, happy, proud, sensitive and beautiful.
She’s also a mother, a wife, and in many ways, a survivor.

During the photo session, I had to pull away from my camera a few times. I had asked her to think about something she loves very much. Her eyes changed, her connection adjusted more deeply, I squeezed the button on my camera. I was overwhelmed with the powerful beauty that I saw. I could see her strength, her courage, her laughter and her love, deep in her eyes. Her soul had opened the door behind her eyes and invited me inside.

My eyes filled with tears.

I showed her this image on the back of my camera (which I rarely do). She softly whispered in amazed discovery, ‘wow, I am beautiful’.

We cried. We laughed. We hugged.

My gift was to provide a reminder of that moment.
She has a photograph, a tangible memory.
She carries her beauty with her every day.
Her photograph is just to remind her that she is beautiful & she doesn’t have to whisper it.

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins~


Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins!

I saw that statement the other day & it helps me understand the emotion I feel behind the camera when I’m taking a portrait. So often, I need to pull away from the camera and take my gaze away for a few seconds because I feel almost overpowered by the connection I see as I look through my lens.

I feel like I can see into their eyes, usually as they sparkle–yes, like glitter. It tells me that the person who is quickly coming into focus is alive. I feel their energy almost glistening, their happiness about to explode, their beauty just waiting to be discovered, maybe for the first time.

When I pull back from my camera, I usually utter something to the effect of “wow, you are so beautiful”. What surprises me most is that they often are in disbelief, or its the first time they’ve heard it said (or, sadly, its been a very long time since hearing it).

I am so in love with taking beauty portraits. I give women the opportunity to take home tangible evidence that, yes, they are beautiful. Yes, because I said so…and yes, because they can see it for themselves each time they look at the artwork that we created together.

I always see beauty- in the mountain ranges & flowers in nature, in reflections in a puddle & in a lingering summer sunset (ok, I’ve reached my limit with winter & snow) and in a child’s fascination with a slippery frog.

And, yes, I can see natural beauty in that girl who definitely, was born with glitter in her veins.