‘Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still’
~Dorothea Lange

April 25, 2013 – I looked out the window at the dark sky and saw frozen rain, then snow. Seriously, winter should have been over months ago, if you ask me.
(And, if you’re asking me, the temperature should remain at a constant range of 78-82 with sun and a gentle breeze…everyday)

I sat in my kitchen with coffee in a special coffee cup that my daughter just sent for my birthday. As I planned my day I noticed the rain and snow stopped. A few minutes later a small stream of sunlight lit up a tree in the yard! The tree had early spring buds everywhere and was covered in clingy, wet drops and the sun was glistening on the branches against the dark-grey sky background.

I had just made a facebook post that my daffodils just bloomed and the sad news was that they were being snowed on!

Next, I was lost behind my camera for some period of time (minutes/hours?), completely absorbed in nature, in the beauty of the moisture (in all forms) on the flowers, not seeing but feeling the images appear.

I see beauty everywhere.

I’ll share it with you along the way.


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