Sleepless…in Seattle


“There’s no such thing as chance; and what seems to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”
JF Von Schiller

The circumstances were crazy-how I was fortunate to spend one day in Seattle among incredibly talented & gifted people.

I’ll share more details in the future -the “why” I was there details…but that’s another chapter.

Inspired by a day of travel ahead for all, two new acquaintances decided to join me in a very early walk for coffee. It was Seattle, of all places-birthplace of Starbucks…but the closest one to the hotel was a damp & soggy walk away. One amazing thing about March in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, it’s mild enough for a bike ride to work at 6am…and there were many early bike commuters already on the road.

I was the coffee trip leader as I had ventured for coffee the prior morning. I love to begin my day with a walk & coffee. As the three of us left the hotel, I realized that I’m not the only crazy person in the world who will stop every 5 or ten yards to take a photo! And, the part that spoke to my heart was (besides not being alone anymore) I realized other people have tolerance to stop and are not put off that we just stopped mid-sentence to hold up our iPhone & snap yet another photo.

Changing position, sharing vantage spots, encouraging another photo, making the memory of the spring greens, flowering trees & budding friendships linger.

Crazy, right?
Crazy that I had a revelation because of a cell phone camera? Not at all. It was crazy because I finally felt like I was in the right place-with people who I could relate to. Most are light years ahead of me in the business of photography, and that’s exactly why I couldn’t afford the luxury of sleep. I was too busy being a human sponge-absorbing every last detail I could hear and see from these extremely talented people I was so fortunate to be among.

In time, I will write more about building my photography business. I believe that being in Seattle for one day, mixing with wonderful people & being inspired by the experience was some deep source of destiny. It was a gift for me…I didn’t have to teach anyone anything, I was learning from everyone else. Probably the only things I shared were; directions to Starbucks, a good laugh, my wise as* comments & pure enjoyment & gratitude for my sleepless moments in Seattle.

I need to go make someone happy today-

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  1. Wendy, not only do your pictures draw me in and intrigue me so does your writing..your contentment, joy, relaxation, creativity, motivation to continue to find beauty and new perspective in this world is inspiring. So glad I met you.


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