Dear Caregiver,

I saw you.
I heard you.

I don’t know if you truly heard my quiet voice, strained with a lump in my throat say ‘thank you’.

I came to pick up my mother for a visit to the doctor. You may not recall that day specifically because you were doing your job. Your days are probably filled with moments like this, without anyone seeing the work you do. That moment will always live inside my heart.

I saw you pick out a fresh outfit to put on, one that all three pieces coordinate. You couldn’t have known that I took my mom shopping a couple summers ago and we picked out that outfit together. I saw the care and concern in your actions toward my mom as a caregiver and as a caring human. She may not remember anything about today, may continue to jumble her thoughts and words but you understand that she is my mother.

I heard you when she gave you a difficult time about changing her clothes that day. You gently told her she’s going out today and reminded her that she would like to look nice. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for remembering that this once vibrant, loving, beautiful woman is still beautiful. You helped preserve her dignity for this moment. I doubt she will recall it. I will never forget it.

You know about the dementia, the challenges in getting her to the hospital just two nights ago. You know the medication given to her to get thru that procedure made her even more forgetful, challenging, perhaps. And you continued being kind, professional and caring.

I saw you.
I heard you.
I thank you.

2 thoughts on “dignity

  1. It is a beautiful thing when our burdens and struggles are forgiving enough to let us see the kindness and beauty around us in the world. I am certain that this is a gift given to you in many gentle moments with your parents as you were growing up. It is a gift they gave you and now you can give it to others. Sensitivity and thankfulness.

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