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I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.
-Leon Levinstein, 1955



Every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir

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Sleepless…in Seattle


“There’s no such thing as chance; and what seems to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”
JF Von Schiller

The circumstances were crazy-how I was fortunate to spend one day in Seattle among incredibly talented & gifted people.

I’ll share more details in the future -the “why” I was there details…but that’s another chapter.

Inspired by a day of travel ahead for all, two new acquaintances decided to join me in a very early walk for coffee. It was Seattle, of all places-birthplace of Starbucks…but the closest one to the hotel was a damp & soggy walk away. One amazing thing about March in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, it’s mild enough for a bike ride to work at 6am…and there were many early bike commuters already on the road.

I was the coffee trip leader as I had ventured for coffee the prior morning. I love to begin my day with a walk & coffee. As the three of us left the hotel, I realized that I’m not the only crazy person in the world who will stop every 5 or ten yards to take a photo! And, the part that spoke to my heart was (besides not being alone anymore) I realized other people have tolerance to stop and are not put off that we just stopped mid-sentence to hold up our iPhone & snap yet another photo.

Changing position, sharing vantage spots, encouraging another photo, making the memory of the spring greens, flowering trees & budding friendships linger.

Crazy, right?
Crazy that I had a revelation because of a cell phone camera? Not at all. It was crazy because I finally felt like I was in the right place-with people who I could relate to. Most are light years ahead of me in the business of photography, and that’s exactly why I couldn’t afford the luxury of sleep. I was too busy being a human sponge-absorbing every last detail I could hear and see from these extremely talented people I was so fortunate to be among.

In time, I will write more about building my photography business. I believe that being in Seattle for one day, mixing with wonderful people & being inspired by the experience was some deep source of destiny. It was a gift for me…I didn’t have to teach anyone anything, I was learning from everyone else. Probably the only things I shared were; directions to Starbucks, a good laugh, my wise as* comments & pure enjoyment & gratitude for my sleepless moments in Seattle.

I need to go make someone happy today-