The journey

the journey
isn’t so much about
becoming anything.

it’s unbecoming everything
that isn’t you
so you can
who you were meant to be
in the first place.

I found this quote on #jfindsyoga/ on Instagram.
Thought it worked well for this photograph I took during a yoga retreat. The retreat was filled with incredible moments: women bonding, laughing, supporting. Nourishing food and wine, Forrest bathing, meditation, aromatherapy, singing bowls, bowing practice, hikes in the woods and on the beach, perfect weather, yoga and beautiful souls.

More photographs to follow.




My soul honors your soul.
I honor the place in you where
the entire universe resides.
I honor the light, love, truth,
beauty & peace within you,
because it is also within me.
In sharing these things
we are united, we are the same,
we are one.



ever feel like you can fly?
well, maybe not like Orville & Wilbur building the wings and attempting to fly….

sometimes my body is in alignment and feeling strong
my thoughts are open
my heart is receptive
and filled with gratitude

and then it happens

I feel like I can take flight

ok, so its during a yoga class, deeply centered, feeling strength from inside and no resistance from gravity. gently prompted into a graceful pose…and then it happened!

simultaneously: strength, power, gratitude…and flight

I’ve felt flight before and as if I didn’t want to miss out on a wonderful dream by waking up, I try to hold onto the beautiful moment.

the overwhelming gratitude filled my heart.

I can fly